How To Host Your Own Fashion Show

In 2017, I hosted my very first fashion show. This was by far one of the most stressful yet rewarding things I've ever done. Before the actual show, I had to make a note of what all the models would be wearing and made arrangements with them to come for a fitting. Just to make sure all the outfits would fit them appropriately. On the day of the show, the organisers were delayed, which was a good thing as this gave us more time to prepare and to practice the layout of the show and who would be going in first, second, third etc. 

My one important tip I would recommend to anyone putting on a fashion show, would be try to get as many helpers as possible. I had to have a make up artist, a stage manager, a photographer and a back stage helper to assist with all the models.  

Another tip would be is I also take this opportunity to collaborate with other designers. I collaborated with two other designers. One who specialised in leather jewellery and the other one made African head scarves. You could charge them a small fee to have your models wear their stuff whilst on the catwalk. This would allow marketing for their brand once they're on the catwalk.  

My video below demonstrates the show and how it all went. To make sure all the models were happy, I gave them all a goodie bag to say thank you for coming. Please comment below and let me know how your fashion show went. Did you learn something new, would you do it again? I had so much fun.......I would definitely do it again.