Fresh New Prints

Hello My lovelies.

One thing I absolutely love about my craft business is my collection of beautiful African Printed Textiles.
With my background originating from Ghana, I am always looking for original prints sourced from there I can use to add to my ever so growing collection.

My latest video showcases all the latest prints I have detailing the company who makes each print and what some of the colours mean.
My new collection of notebooks will have more depth of colour in each print. I’m starting to see a pattern to all my posts. Vibrancy and the boldness in colour. Check out my latest video here; My Fabric Haul Video below;


 African Buntin

I decided to do something out of the ordinary and make bunting out of African Textiles. Usually this type of textile is used for making dresses and gowns. I think it actually turned out ok. I’m thinking of doing a tutorial of how to make bunting. What do you think??